Isn't it amazing what some people do for a hobby?

WARNING: If you are not a fanatical and committed slot-racer, be very careful how far you venture into this site. I will not be held responsible for any physical or mental deterioration which occurs to anyone venturing into these pages.... You do so at your own risk....



During lockdown in 2020 I began to get withdrawal symptoms from slot car racing, mainly due to the fact that the Southend club, where I have raced since 2014, had closed due to the Covid outbreak. By that time I had sold the 1957 set of cars, which were the last ones I had built, and had dumped all my old single lane Scalextric track that had served me so well for decades.
Then one day during the lockdown I discovered that a fellow club member had a Ninco set to sell. It was very nicely priced so I nipped down to Canvey Island and brought it back home. My main reason for buying it was that being Ninco track, the slot is deep enough to test my club cars which would not run on Scalextric track due to the deep guide on club cars.

I very soon became bored running club cars around and begun to think about what else I might do. My website would show you that through the years I have built F.1 car series from 1950 through to 1964, with just two missing years. There was no F.1 World Championship during these two years, 1952 and 1953. Instead, the Championship was run for 2 litre F.2 cars.

So it was an easy decision to put together a set of cars from those years.....

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Following a suggestion from a fellow slot fan, Frank Verplanken from Nice, I have begun to enter the results of ALL the races I have been involved in since the very beginning of my slot racing hobby - 1962.

If you can bear the pain of looking at them, go to my World Champions page and simply click on the year link.

On the evening of Sunday 2nd December 2007, I completed the last season listing. (There are a couple of sets of missing times from 1998 and I must search for those, but otherwise, everything is complete.)

Thanks to Frank for persuading me to undertake this task.....

On 13th September 2008 I added a new results page. This shows the results of the 1958 Formula 2 races I am now running. Check the page out here.

If you don't believe that one person can run an entire Formula 1 season, racing every car at every race, you are WRONG.
If you still don't believe, then read on......

What makes my own version of the hobby unusual, maybe even unique, is that I make whole sets of Formula One cars from various eras of racing, then run entire championship series on replicas of the real circuits.

I have heard of people who re-run races and obtain the same result as the real Grand Prix. This is NOT what I do. Every race stands as a separate event, and before the first practice lap, I have absolutely no idea what the outcome may be. I have often been told that I must 'cheat' in favour of one driver or another, but, hand-on-heart, I can say that I have never knowingly biased a race in order to produce any particular result. What would be the point? It would take all the excitement out of the racing.

If you want to know how all this has evolved, please be my guest and spend some time looking through my site.

I will begin with a little background. Since getting myself onto the World-Wide web, I have been amazed at the number of people who are interested and involved in the Slot Racing scene. So I thought it was time I added my own chapter to the story.

My name is Barry James Boor, I am a Londoner and since the loss of my wife Heather in September 2011 I have lived on the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta for two and a half years but am now back, living in the Chelmsford area of Essex. I have been racing slot cars for over 50 years; in fact, since the day my Dad bought me one of the very first Scalextric sets ever produced. (How I wish I had kept it - it would have been on 'Flog It' years ago.)

There is a short period of my life during which I was lucky enough to actually be involvedin REAL Formula One racing, but apart from that it has been slots all the way.

Up to 1998, I used to run each Formula One season with a new set of cars each year. However, this was around the time when F.1 cars began to look all the same and started sprouting extra bits all over the bodywork. Colour schemes became extremely complex and overall I became totally disillusioned by the whole business - so I stopped building them and started on cars from the earlier years of Formula 1.

Since 1998 I have run four full seasons of races for cars from 1959-60, 1954-57, 1961-62 and 1958. I called these series Historic, Pre-historic, Halfton and Avgas. You will find links to those season's race results in the links list below. Now, early in 2011 I am well into the races with my set of cars called The Titans (see above) and have almost completed another new set from 1959 which I call The Fifty-niners. There will be races for F.1 and F.2 cars in this newest series. Links to race reports and results from the Titans and the Fifty-niners series can be found below.

When I was making modern cars, I used Scalextric motors, wheels and tyres, but virtually everything else was totally home-made. Chassis, bodies and wings, as well as my own unique steering system are manufactured in my own large garden shed - The Millennium Shed!

Nowadays I am casting my body shells in resin and am using a mixture of Scalextric and Airfix components, but as from the start, the chassis and steering systems are completely home produced. The tyres I am now using are silicone and are made in Ohio by the brilliant 'Wierd Jack' Stinson.


Back in about 1994, I wrote to all the current F.1 teams telling them what I did, just in case anyone thought I was cashing in on their designs. One or two teams never answered, (McLaren, Ferrari), but most were very sympathetic, and sent me drawings or photos to help me to produce even better cars. Lola, who were running that Ferrari-engined car at that time, invited me down to the factory in Huntingdon. At the end of that season, I sent them one of the cars. Last thing I heard it was in Mike Blanchet's office. (A bit of name-dropping - Derek Warwick also has one of my cars, his last F.1 Arrows.)

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If you are still with me, and if you are in any way interested in what you have read so far, over the following pages, I intend to cover the range activities which go to make up my lifetime hobby. The first 16 boxes will take you to the various series of cars from years gone by. They are listed in the order that I built each set of cars. The remaining links will show how the cars are built, how the circuits are constructed, how the races are run and how it all began, almost fifty years ago.













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I completed the last race in the Historic series on the 25th February 2003, 3 years and 8 months after I started; and after a close and interesting battle the World Champion of this series turned out to be Innes Ireland in a Lotus Climax 18. You will find a picture of his car along with all the others from this series, if you click here.

If you would like to see the results of the races I have run in my HISTORIC series, click here.

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Trying to think of a name for this series was difficult so although chronologically it came AFTER the Historic series the cars were from earlier years, so the PRE-Historic series was born.

This series gradually expanded to reach a total of 45 cars - a picture of which you will find on the Prehistoric page. This series of races eventually finished around the end of 2005.

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This series came about due to the fact that I was able to collect Airfix slot car bodies off Ebay. Airfix's most prolific time, slot-race-wise was the early part of the 1960s, when they produced four very respectable cars; the Ferrari Sharknose, the Porsche 804, the Lotus 24 and the Cooper T.53. I decided that to bring in a certain amount of variation, I would stretch the series from 1961 into 1962. This gave my the opportunity to build some other cars. The Airfix cars formed the basis of my series, though I had to build several other cars myself - B.R.M, Brabham, Lola, Gilby, Emeryson, de Tomaso. I even 'cheated' and included a Honda towards the end of the Halfton series, though I am fully aware it never actually appeared until 1964.

The final race for these cars was run on 10th December 2007.

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Having purchased four Ferrari Dino 246 shells from John Bacon many years ago it was natural to create a series based entirely upon 1958. I already had Vanwalls and Maseratis from the Pre-historic Series (see above) so I was left requiring many Coopers, plus Lotuses and B.R.Ms. Fortunately I was able to create the T.45 Cooper and Lotus 12 shells myself and was even more fortunate to be able to obtain beautiful B.R.M Type 25s and Lotus 16s from the brilliant bodyshell creator Dave Jones. The first race for those cars was run on 10th June 2006 and the last on 12th August 2009.

Realising that I had a large number of Coopers and Lotuses, I decided to run Formula 2 races from 1958 alongside the F.1 events. My first F.2 race was run on 3rd March 2008 and this series concluded on 17th June 2010. So the Avgas Series occupied almost exactly four years.

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Anyone interested in all things historic connected with motor sport would do well to look at the Atlas F1 Nostalgia Forum. You will find an amazing group of people there, contributing incredible facts and information on anything and everything to do with motor racing from recent times back into the dim and distant history of this wonderful sport. You can sample Atlas by clicking on this link:

Atlas F1 Nostalgia Forum

Just to prove that I have made some fairly modern racing cars too, here are a couple of thumbnails of late 1990s F.1 cars:


Clicking on either image will take you to a page that shows all the different cars from 1998.

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