The Avgas series is what I call my latest group of home built slot cars. The name comes from the nickname given to the 1958 Grand Prix cars on account of the fact that the governing body of motor sport decreed that from 1958 onwards, F.1 cars must run on aviation fuel (avgas).

My series is very specifically based on 1958 and will not include any cars or drivers that did not run at some point during that season. However, I will not be removing drivers who sadly, did not complete the year; e.g. Musso, Collins, Lewis-Evans..... they will be in their respective cars for the whole season.

There will be times when the actual car types may not be exactly correct; I will be introducing Lotus 16s somewhat earlier than they actually appeared in 1958 and my 250.F Maseratis may not always be quite the right shaped version but hey, who's counting!

Here are some images of the cars that are racing in this series:

The full four car team of Ferrari Dino 246 cars; drivers, from left to right, Hawthorn, Collins, Musso and Phil Hill.

These are the Lotus 12 cars that I have made entirely myself, using actual Lotus factory plans sent to me by a very kind gentleman in Australia named Mike Bennett.

Here is a close up of one of them:

This is not the final set of privately owned Maseratis - there may be others to come later.... this one, painted in the German colours and raced by Wolfgang Seidel....

...and this one, painted as it was at the Monaco Grand Prix where its owner Andre Testut and Louis Chiron failed to qualify it.

The Vanwall team cars ready for drivers Lewis-Evans, Brooks and Moss.

Here are the two works Coopers and the Rob Walker car.

My second favourite cars - the two Lotus 16s of Cliff Allison and Graham Hill.

And my absolute favourites, Dave Jones' beautiful Type 25 B.R.Ms of Jean Behra and Harry Schell.

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