Here are all the photos I have of the sets of cars I have made through the years. Sadly, there are many missing - a fact which I can neither explain nor understand!

If you wish to see larger images of individual cars, please click on the year (if it is a link) and you will go straight to that year's cars.

This is 1977. All the bodies were made by Charlie Fitzpatrick in Southport.
Several cars had to be created from shells of a similar shape. (see picture below)

From left to right: Merzario (made from ?); Williams (made from McLaren M.26); Ligier (made from Ferrari); Copersucar (made from ?)

No group shot for 1979 but a few very poor images taken with a faulty camera!

This is the 1981 series. A poor, polaroid image, but all bodies are still purchased from Charlie Fitzpatrick, although again, quite a few are home-modified.

We jump to 1988 and now there are quite a few shells in this set that I made myself.

39 in 1989. This was the highest number of cars that ever ran in modern F.1 racing.
By now all the shells are home-made using my vacuum forming machine - the B-B-Vac.

1990 - another big year, 33 cars.

1991 - Just one of each car on this occasion, although of course, I made 2 of each.

1992 - F.1 is becoming more organized with 16 2-car teams.
Even Andrea Moda!! (What WAS I thinking of?)

I have no group photo from 1993 but clicking on the link will take you to images of the cars from that year.

1995 - now we are down to the basic 13 team set-up.

1998 - my final year of making modern F.1 cars - so far.......

My Historic series as it was when I held the last race for these cars.
This series is based on cars that ran in F.1 in the years 1959 and 1960.

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