One of the peculiarities (there are many!) of my branch of the slot car racing hobby is that I only ever got pleasure from driving my cars on 'real' circuits. As the years passed I begun to develop ways of recreating accurate versions of the tracks that I needed to build for the races I was running. In my Building the Circuits page you will learn of the lengths I went to in order to build as accurate replicas as possible.

I wasn't always successful but generally, as the years passed I became happier with results.

So, listed below are circuits that I have built and raced on, going back over more than 20 years. There are probably quite a few that you will never of heard of - these being probably from the 1950s, used maybe only once or twice for real races.

It's worth noting that I have reduced the size of all the images to the same width but a clue to how big the tracks actually were is to look at the size of one single straight piece (Scalextric full straight) in each image. If it looks quite large, the track was probably quite small but if each straight piece is very small, e.g. Avus, you will realise how big the circuit was.

I hope you enjoy browsing through, if indeed, you can be bothered to do so.......







































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