As a 17-year-old, I was very fortunate to be taken to the Monaco Grand Prix in 1965.
We had front row seats for the Saturday events and the following images were taken from those seats and in the paddock, earlier.

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1. Georges Choukrou, Cooper, #44 & Henri Grandsire, Alpine, #46.

2. Rodney Banting's Cooper - that's Rodney with his foot on the rear wheel.

3. John Cardwell's Brabham.

4. Georges Rosetti's Lotus - with non-standard headrest.

5. A blurred but rare image - Eric Offenstadt in the very first Matra racing car.

6. Jacques Maglia in an Alexis.

7. Dave Rees' Brabham, without its bodywork. Flimsy, weren't they?

8. "If I ever get to F.1, someone else can hold my flippin' umbrella!"
    - Henri Grandsire again.

9. Piko Troberg's Brabham on its luxury transporter!

10. Roger Brash and his Merlyn - #59; with Big Georges Rosetti in the background.

11. Some Goodyear racing tyres and a technician who has learned not to sleep face down in the pit lane.

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