This page is dedicated to bringing the viewer many images of the Connew Formula 1 car that ran in the Austrian Grand Prix of 1972. Many of these pictures have never been seen in public before.
The images will be presented in a chronological sequence to give the viewer a taste of the development process that took the car from Peter Connew's drawing board to the Oesterreichring circuit - and beyond....

I have decided to reverse the order of this site so that the most recent images appear at the top.


Eric Newman was a young man in the early 1970s and he liked to visit Brands Hatch. Fortunately, he took his camera with him and he has very kindly allowed me to use the following 16 images that he took at 2 different meetings during 1972. The first set are taken at the one-off Rothman's 50,000 Formula Libre race in August; while the second set show the Connew F1 car in its LEC Refrigeration colours. These photos were taken at the Victory Race in October, where the car was driven, albeit briefly, by David Purley.

Rothman's 50,000
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Victory Race
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18. One of those 'never-to-be-forgotten' moments. Francois Migault is about to drive the Connew onto a race track for the very first time. The car has no nose or airbox and at this moment, the team were unaware of the damage to the rear suspension that had been caused by the bumping around that the car had suffered in the back of the truck on the way down through France.
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The truck had broken down north of Le Mans so the team were forced to stay there for some time while it was being repaired. The above pictures were taken in the paddock area of the famous circuit. As you may notice, the yellow was added to the bodywork at this time. Francois looks quite proud sitting in the cockpit.

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The morning after the car was lowered from the chassis stands with wheels on for the very first time, the team pushed it out onto the main Romford Road and along to the nearby local library car park to take some photos with a pleasant background. At this time both the engine and gearbox, although real, were dummies, containing no moving parts.

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The above pictures were taken during the construction of the car. The viewer should remember that this vehicle was built almost entirely in a lock-up workshop no larger than a single-car size domestic garage.

8. This picture is from the front cover of a Japanese magazine. Famous journo Doug Nye visited the workshop, wrote an article and some weeks later Peter received a copy of the magazine. The team were somewhat staggered to find themselves on the front page! The picture features Peter himself (on the left as you look) Roger Doran (on the right), and early team member Ron Olive at the back. The missing member from the team photo was sadly at the dentist that day. Ron also appears in the #1 photo above, with Peter's girlfriend, Iris and the first chassis. (Iris has now been Mrs. Connew for many years.)

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