Through the years, I have built and raced on many circuits. One of my favourite moments is the first run on a new track. As a season progresses, I look forward to some races more than others. Just like real drivers, I like some tracks far more than others.

When I last ran a modern season, in 1998 I really enjoyed Monaco, Suzuka and Spa, didn't mind Magny Cours, the Ring, Barcelona and Melbourne; however, I detested Hockenheim and Silverstone, while I'm not all that keen on Monza either.

The problem with Monza is that I remember it without chicanes, and now that I am running cars from the 1950s, I can run on the old, pre-chicane Monza.

Here are a few of the other old tracks that were used 40 years ago and more.

The first is the French circuit at Rouen.

Next is the southern circuit at the Nurburgring, the Sudschleife. (Sadly I do not have the space to build the fearsome Nordschleife.)

This is the seaside circuit in the sand dunes of Holland - Zandvoort.

Then there is this remarkable street circuit in Naples. Time-wise, this is the longest track I have built since the days of the old Interlagos circuit.

This is a rare track. It is the venue for the Moroccan Grand Prix that was run for a couple of years in the late 1950s. The circuit is called Ain Diab.

Of the circuits still being used in Formula 1, here are a few......

This is a terrific track to drive on, but would be so much better if the corners remained the same, but all the straights were double the length. Actually, about 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to build this track with exactly that configuration. It gave me one of the best races I have ever run.

Suzuka is a fairly successful slot-race track because, although it is long, its figure eight layout makes it quite compact.

Suzuka is great fun to drive, especially the ever-increasing esses behind the pits.

Strangely, although this isn't a patch on the old circuit, and although the corners are all very tight, I don't dislike the A1 Ring anything like as much as I thought I would.

As for Silverstone, the Becketts section is not too bad, but I loathe the 'stadium' section, and you may notice that I have totally ignored the Abbey chicane. Compare that to the Silverstone of the 1950s.

This is just a sample of the circuits I use; obviously, over the many years of this hobby, I have built and raced on many more, and with my HISTORIC RACE SERIES there are upwards of 30 'new' old circuits to build and race on. I CAN'T WAIT !!!!

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