This site is dedicated to the posting of images that I have photographed during 40 years of watching motor sport.     In addition, I intend to catalogue my collection of diecast, resin and self-built 1/43rd scale model racing and sports cars;     also, I intend to use the site to inform any interested readers about the progress (or lack of it) in the ongoing quest to rebuild the CONNEW F1 car.

Some years ago, I wrote a six part story about the Connew adventure and two very kind gentlemen posted it on their racing-based websites. Sadly, one of these sites has disappeared while the other has changed its URL and the story has gone. Therefore, I can see no other alternative but to add it to this site. So....... if you know nothing about this pretty red and yellow car, read on....

UPDATE: 1.5.2007 - I have just carried out a fairly major update on the Connew Story pages - adding a few illustrations to each page and righting a few wrongs.

UPDATE: 19.10.12


It is with immense pleasure that I can now inform you that thanks to two very helpful people, one of who is Chris, the son of the man holding the picture lower down this page, I have at last been able to transfer my slot racing website to this webspace. It can be accessed via the link in the title block at the top of the page or here.

UPDATE: 26.8.11


Although there is a link down at the bottom of this page to images of my 43rd scale collection of 1950-1966 sports racing cars, I have now produced a specific page for my collection of cars from the 1966 Le Mans 24 hour race. This particular race grabbed my attention mainly because of the rainbow-hued Fords that took part. A very unusual idea to paint them all different colours - a delight for the collector.

As I began to look for models of all the Fords I began to realise that I had accumulated several others from that same race. I made the decision to try to get them all, not knowing at that time if that was even possible. Well, it turns out it is.....

Many of the cars have only been produced as kits and these are rather expensive but there are ways around this, the prime example being the Alpines. There were six of them, all the same colour but with a variation in their stripes (and numbers, of course). Fortunately, a company called Starline (Spanish, I think) produced a very good but cheap model of one of the cars - #44. Thanks to my super little vinyl cutter I was able to produce stripes/numbers etc, and having gathered together six of these models I was able to produce the six different cars.

Anyway, if you would like to see how agonisingly close I now am to having all 55 cars, have a look here.


When Peter Connew reached his 60th birthday a few members of our family clubbed together and commissioned a painting of our car in its only Grand Prix - Austria 1972.

The picture shows Francois Migault, leading Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi and Denny Hulme through the sweeping curves of the magnificent old, and much missed Oesterreichring.

This fine picture was painted by the well-known and highly talented motor sport artist, Andrew Kitson.

A celebration dinner was organised and we presented Peter with his painting in an Italian restaurant in Chingford, Essex.

Here he is with his painting, photographed at his home a few days later.

After around 15 YEARS of stop and start, I have finally completed my 1/12th scale model of the above car. Here it is....

For total masochists, click here if you would like to see more pictures of the model and read about how it came to be made....

Sadly, at present this model is in pieces again, having been knocked onto the floor by a careless browser in the Ferret Fotographic tent at the Silverstone Historic meeting in July 2005.

And he didn't see fit to apologise....

As well as taking photos of racing cars and collecting models, I have been a life-long (48 years!) slot car fan. My hobby has developed considerably since 1959 so if you are at all interested in seeing that, you are a VERY sad person! However, if you insist, my slot race website can be found by clicking on the link.

Just click on any of the pictures below to view the images on that page.... One or two pages are not yet up and I have many images still to add - I hope to get stuck into those tasks soon.

Images of the Connew Ford F.1 car

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V.S.C.C meeting     -     Silverstone April 2003

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